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Help Your Pet Bird Enjoy a Healthy, Happy Life

January 1, 2015
You’re ready to become a first-time bird owner. Tomorrow, you’ll introduce your family to Coco, a chatty female pet bird you’re adopting from a friend whose circumstances have changed. After lots of research, you’ve learned about Coco’s diet, habitat, and socialization needs. She also has a new patient appointment with your vet Ellicott City  this week. Read more about your pet bird’s requirements for a healthy, enjoyable life.

Deluxe, Spacious Accommodations

Coco wants a roomy cage that gives her plenty of living space. Your bird’s enclosure should measure at least twice the width and depth of her wingspan. If you notice heavy wear and tear on the cage bars or latch, replace the cage before Coco makes her escape. She’d also prefer that you clean her cage often and provide fresh water at least once each day. Since Coco’s a playful bird, buy her a nice collection of toys; and add foraging toys you can fill with food and treats. Rotate the toys often so Coco receives the variety and mental challenge she needs.

Nutrition-Packed Diet

Coco will appreciate a tasty, balanced diet that meets her species’ nutritional needs. For example, a cockatiel wouldn’t thrive on a parakeet’s diet, since each species requires a specific nutrient mix to stay healthy. Also, while your avian buddy might like seeds as a small portion of her diet, her nutritional pellets have more value. Coco’s pellets should comprise 75 percent to 80 percent of her daily food ration. Of course, Coco hopes you add some bite-sized fresh vegetables to her diet. Also, ask your vet if your feathered companion can enjoy small pieces of fruit. Don’t feed her – or any other bird – garlic, onions, rice, pasta, or chocolate.

Lively Social Calendar

Charming little Coco will be pleased to live in your family flock. Since your bird depends on you for her social life, include her in your indoor family events. Place her enclosure in an accessible, visible spot so she can watch your family’s activities. You’ll probably find that you enjoy observing Coco daily, as she clearly takes great pleasure in bathing and preening herself. Keep your bird’s mind sharp by giving her lots of training exercises and other mental stimulation. When Coco next visits her vet Ellicott City, she’ll be a well-adjusted bird who loves her new life. To learn about the finer points of pet bird care, contact your vet today.

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