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These Senior Cat Symptoms Deserve Your Prompt Attention

December 4, 2014
Your twelve-year-old cat Sammy has always been the picture of health. After joining your family as a rambunctious kitten, he grew into a vigorous adult cat with a hearty appetite and a love of playtime. Since Sammy has become a senior cat, though, he’s at risk for age-linked medical problems. Fortunately, your veterinarian Ellicott City can diagnose and treat your cat’s ailments. Learn more about senior cat symptoms that merit your veterinarian’s attention.

Nutrition and Weight Changes

Since Sammy has balanced his appetite and exercise level, he has maintained the same weight for years. However, maybe he has recently been eating less and leaving food in his bowl. On the other hand, perhaps Sammy chows down normally, but he looks alarmingly thin. Either way, you suspect he has developed a medical condition. First, the vet will focus on Sammy’s medical problem. Next, the vet will determine if your cat’s nutritional needs have changed. If so, the vet might prescribe a different diet and/or revise your buddy’s feeding schedule.

Urinary and Intestinal Symptoms

Sammy has always urinated in his litter box, hardly leaving any litter debris on your laundry room tile. However, he might have recently urinated on your laminate floor, leaving horrible-smelling male cat urine that’s tough to remove. Sammy might have also changed his water consumption habits. Since these symptoms can indicate a developing medical problem, whisk him to the vet before his symptoms get worse. Sammy’s covered fecal deposits have also made your cleanup duty much easier. However, if he has recently experienced several bouts of awful diarrhea, something’s certainly wrong. You don’t want Sammy to become dehydrated, so you’ve scheduled a vet appointment for this afternoon.

Unusual Anti-Social Behavior

Sammy’s an attention addict who loves good belly rubs and head scratches. If he suddenly scrambles under the couch when you approach him, or growls and hisses at much-loved family members, his behavior has gone haywire. Ask your vet if Sammy’s recent anti-social antics might indicate a medical or behavioral problem.

Diverse Diagnostic Tools

To diagnose Sammy’s problem, your vet will use common tests such as a urinalysis and Comprehensive Blood Panel. He might also request abdominal and chest x-rays. If necessary, the vet can also access higher-level tests familiar to human patients. Your veterinarian Ellicott City will design a treatment program to address Sammy’s problem. If your senior cat has developed puzzling symptoms, make a veterinary appointment without delay.

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