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Wellness & Vaccinations

Is your companion’s smile a little less than fresh?

Dental issues are among the most common health concerns companion animals face. In fact, by the age of two, it is likely that a pet may already be suffering from some form of oral problem. Failure to address these can result in a range of consequences, from stinky breath to more severe medical complications such as dental disease. 

At Claws N Paws, our team is experienced in providing both standard preventative pet dentistry services as well as specialized treatment for existing oral conditions. We are also available to assist and advise on maintaining proper at-home dental care.

Prevention is Key

Just like you do for yourself, your furry friend also needs regular preventative care to maintain healthy teeth and gums. At Claws N Paws, we provide routine dental exams and cleanings to reduce plaque and tartar buildup and keep your companion’s smile fresh and bright. This includes brushing at home and the use of specialized products to support good dental health.

Care at the Highest Level

Our staff is skilled in treating and managing existing oral health conditions for pets that have already developed dental problems, such as gingivitis or dental disease. Even if you’ve never given much thought to your pet’s oral health, it’s never too late to begin a dental care regimen. 

Signs to Watch For

When a pet’s teeth or gums are unhealthy, they often exhibit one or more of these symptoms:

  • Bad breath
  • Noticeable build up on the teeth, near the gumline
  • Changes in chewing habits
  • Dropping food
  • Pawing at the face
  • Broken or missing teeth
  • Gums that are inflamed or bleeding
  • Swollen face
  • Pain when touched near the mouth area

If your pet displays any of these signs, it’s time to schedule a dental checkup. Early and effective treatment is the best way to manage an oral health problem.

Join the caring crew at Claws N Paws Animal Hospital in committing to a lifetime of quality dental care. Schedule your pet’s next dental exam with your Columbia, MD vet today!

Claws N Paws Animal Hospital

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Also serving Howard County, MD and surrounding areas.

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Marybeth O'Connell
Marybeth O'Connell
Everyone there is so pleasant and Dr Singh is so knowledgeable and super caring. He gives sound and clear guidance on what to do for our aging pets.
Lisa Trova
Lisa Trova
I love Dr. Singh! His knowledge and experience have been spot on to help get my cats healthy and stay healthy! He offers suggestions for OTC alternatives to help save your wallet and offers multiple treatment options for you to choose from. I have a *spicy* cat and Dr. Singh works with me to find options to keep everyone safe from her temper tantrums at the vet. I have been to previous vets, but Dr. Singh surpasses them in every regard!
Friendly, experienced, very caring vet!
Carolina Martinez
Carolina Martinez
Love this Vet! Very professional and excellent customer service.
sunny k
sunny k
Friendly, professional staff and veterinarian.
scott sayers
scott sayers
This place is awesome. Helped my family and I get our dog vaccinated. Super friendly staff.
navdarshini Rajput
navdarshini Rajput
The people working there are very sweet and humble and the dr takes special care of his each client and pets ! I went in emergency and was accommodated and taken good care !