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Nutrition & Weight Management

Wellness & Vaccinations

Is your furry friend carrying a few extra pounds? Has your animal companion been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition, such as arthritis or diabetes?

What you feed your pet and how much he or she weighs can play a significant role in his or her overall wellbeing. Yet, with so many pet foods to choose from and so little information regarding weight management, it can be difficult to manage this part of your companion’s health care. As your trusted Columbia, MD veterinarian, we want to provide you with the support and guidance you need to keep your loved one healthy and fit throughout his or her lifetime.

A Diet That’s Tailored to Their Needs

When creating a diet for your pet, it is important to consider their individual needs, whether it be weight management or addressing an existing medical issue. Several other factors are taken into account when developing a food plan, including age, breed, and current weight. Our professional recommendation will take these elements into consideration after examining your companion. We will advise you on the most suitable type of food, as well as portion control, and feeding frequency.

Weight Management

If your furry friend is carrying a few extra pounds, he or she isn’t alone. Like humans, obesity is a common issue among domesticated animals. Too many extra pounds can have a negative effect on your pet’s health in the long run. On the other hand, if your beloved companion is underweight, they may be at a higher risk for illnesses. As part of our thorough evaluation, we will also assess your pet’s weight. If necessary, we will collaborate with you to create a plan to help your pet reach a healthier number.

Ongoing Maintenance

Over the course of your pet’s lifetime, his or her health care needs will inevitably change. To address these changes, we will periodically review our approach and make any necessary modifications along the way. Our goal is to develop a diet and exercise plan that will evolve along with your pet’s evolving needs. By doing so, you will ensure that your loved one maintains a healthy weight and balanced nutrition for the foreseeable future.

Let us help you keep your pet healthy and fit. Call Claws N Paws Animal Hospital today!

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Marybeth O'Connell
Marybeth O'Connell
Everyone there is so pleasant and Dr Singh is so knowledgeable and super caring. He gives sound and clear guidance on what to do for our aging pets.
Lisa Trova
Lisa Trova
I love Dr. Singh! His knowledge and experience have been spot on to help get my cats healthy and stay healthy! He offers suggestions for OTC alternatives to help save your wallet and offers multiple treatment options for you to choose from. I have a *spicy* cat and Dr. Singh works with me to find options to keep everyone safe from her temper tantrums at the vet. I have been to previous vets, but Dr. Singh surpasses them in every regard!
Friendly, experienced, very caring vet!
Carolina Martinez
Carolina Martinez
Love this Vet! Very professional and excellent customer service.
sunny k
sunny k
Friendly, professional staff and veterinarian.
scott sayers
scott sayers
This place is awesome. Helped my family and I get our dog vaccinated. Super friendly staff.
navdarshini Rajput
navdarshini Rajput
The people working there are very sweet and humble and the dr takes special care of his each client and pets ! I went in emergency and was accommodated and taken good care !