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Help Your Cat to Shed That Excess Weight

February 1, 2015
Your tortoiseshell cat Moxie could qualify for the National Furniture Climbing Championships. For many years, this athletic girl could scamper up your couch, chairs, and even curtains within seconds. Recently, though, you’ve noticed that your feline gymnast has been swinging some belly weight, making it tougher for her to reach those prized perches. You don’t want that extra poundage to raise her risks for weight-related medical problems. Tomorrow, your Ellicott City vet will give your portly feline a thorough physical exam and conduct a nutritional analysis.

Epidemic of Pudgy Cats

You’ve likely encountered several overweight – or even obese – pet cats. Actually, 40 to 50 percent of pampered felines nationwide are dragging around excess poundage. In a nutshell, these sluggish cats have crunched too many kibbles for their paltry activity levels. These hapless creatures – including Moxie – are more susceptible to soft-tissue injuries and osteoarthritis. Your chubby feline housemate can also develop overstressed muscles, ligaments, and joints.

Nourishing Your Feline Carnivore

If carnivorous Moxie was planning her diet, she’d hunt and consume birds and mice every day. Since that’s not an option, you might choose a commercial food blend, assuming she’d receive the proper nutrients. However, most mass-manufactured mixtures don’t contain the top-notch protein your cat requires. Instead, they utilize plant proteins, which your feline housemate doesn’t metabolize as well as animal-based proteins. To compound the problem, your feline friend is also deficient in enzymes that allow her to metabolize surplus carbohydrates. Since her body doesn’t find the carbs useful, it stockpiles them as unnecessary fat. Now throw in the cat treats, loaded with useless calories, carbs, and flavor enhancers.

Pre-Program Health Evaluation

Before designing a weight management program for Moxie, the vet will give her a thorough medical exam that includes blood work and a urinalysis. He wants to rule out medical and/or metabolic problems that might keep your cat from safely dropping those extra pounds.

Weight Management Plan

Now, your Ellicott City vet will introduce Moxie’s brand-new diet and exercise program. He’ll probably choose a food designed for healthy weight loss; and he might also recommend a stricter feeding schedule for your food-loving cat. Provide Moxie with plenty of calorie-burning playtime sessions, as they’ll gradually lead to her safe weight reduction. If your cat could stand to drop a few pounds, call us for expert assistance.

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