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Keeping Your Pet Cool

July 1, 2023
Summer is officially upon us. At this time of year, you’ll want to pay some extra attention to your furry friend. Pets are very susceptible to overheating when temperatures soar! An Ellicott City, MD vet offers some tips on keeping pets cool in this article.


This one is for Fido: Fluffy will sort out her own schedule. Take care not to overexert your furry pal in the middle of the day, when it’s hottest out. Walk and play with your pooch in the mornings and evenings.

Cool Beds

Having a comfy spot to go to can also make a huge difference. You can make your pet’s bed a bit more inviting by adding a cooling pad or frozen towels. You can also put frozen bottles alongside it. 


Making sure your furry buddy always has clean water is important all year, but is critical when it’s hot out. You may need to set out more than one water bowl, especially if you have a large home and/or multiple pets. Consider getting a smart waterer: these are good to have if Fido and Fluffy stay home alone while you’re at work, as you won’t have to worry about them running out before you return.


Dust, dead fur, and dander all make your four-legged pal’s coat hot and itchy. They also interfere with the natural insulating properties of Fido and Fluffy’s coats. Every pet has unique grooming needs, so you’ll need to determine what is best for your dog or cat. That said, most of our fuzzy friends will benefit from regular brushings.

Splashing Fun

This one will both entertain Fido and keep him cool. Get your pup a kiddie pool, or a pet fountain to play in. This can make for some adorable pics! 


One of our favorite ways to beat the heat is by enjoying a summer snack. Our four-legged friends are also onboard with this one. You can pick up ice cream made just for Fido and Fluffy in many stores. There are also lots of simple snacks you can make yourself. Put kibble or shredded meat in an ice cube tray, and pour sodium-free fish, beef, or chicken broth over it. Or, mix canned tuna or chicken with fat-free plain yogurt, and freeze. Voila!    Is your pet due for an appointment? Contact us, your Ellicott City, MD pet hospital, anytime!

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