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Celebrating Dogust

August 2, 2022
Is your canine pal a rescue? If so, you probably don’t know what his exact birthday is. That’s fine: this is why we now have Dogust, which is coming up on August 1st. Dogust is the official shelter dog birthday, but it’s also the official—or perhaps unofficial—doggy birthday for any pooch whose actual birthday is unknown. Read on as a local Columbia, MD vet offers some ways to celebrate.


You’ve probably seen cute pics of dogs with their birthday cakes. There are quite a few recipes you can try online to make Fido a simple cake. Just stick with safe ingredients, and skip (or at least don’t light) the candle!


It’s probably safe to say that if we could ask our canine buddies what they wanted, the answers would mostly consist of treats and toys. Fido may also enjoy a good chew bone. You can also get your pooch a new bed, a comfy harness, or even a kiddie pool to splash around around in.

Gifts That Keep On Giving

This is also a great time to look into signing your furry pal up for insurance, training, and/or doggy daycare. Fido may not get excited if you show him the receipt, but he will definitely benefit. You may be doing your future self a favor as well!

Puppy Parties

Have some friends and family members bring their pups over for a doggy party. Provide lots of toys and treats for your four-legged guests, and perhaps set out a sprinkler or pool for them to play in. Just make sure that all of Fido’s buddies are fixed and up to date on vaccinations and parasite control.

Health Care

Has it been a while since Fido has seen his vet? Make an appointment for him! Your furry friend will both look and feel better with proper care. Take the pooch to a park or even a drive-thru after he’s done at the vet.

Paying It Forward

Don’t forget about all of the cute, sweet pooches that are still out there in shelters, waiting to be adopted. Consider helping them out a bit. Donations, of course, are always appreciated. You can also look into volunteering or even fostering. Even spreading the word on social media may help! As your local Columbia, MD animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering top-notch care. Please feel free to call us anytime!

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