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Caring For A Grumpy Cat

July 3, 2022
Our feline friends all have their own unique personalities. Some are little cuddlebugs, while others are more likely to scratch you than let you pet them. If your furball fits into the latter category, read on. A local Columbia, MD vet offers advice on caring for a feisty kitty below.

Consult The Vet

The first thing you’ll want to do is consult your vet. It’s important to make sure that there is no underlying medical issue causing your furball to act cantankerous. Being sick or in pain is just as hard on cats as it is on people!

Work It Off

One reason kitties sometimes lash out at their humans is due to misplaced anger. Fluffy may actually be mad that the neighbor’s cat had the ‘pawdacity’ to walk across her yard, and could be taking it out on you. Give your grouchy pet a chance to work off her angst by providing her with plenty of toys, and taking time to play with her. After her workout, your furball will probably be tired out … and more interested in napping than in causing chaos.

Home Setup

Is it possible that your furry pal is acting up because she isn’t getting along with other pets? Cats can find their roommates stressful, annoying, or even scary. Make sure that all of your animal companions have their own beds, toys, dishes, and litterboxes. Provide a variety of pet furniture, and take care not to play favorites.

Don’t Punish Your Pet

If Fluffy bites you, don’t punish her for it. Cats don’t think like we do. (Actually, that’s an understatement, but that’s another topic.) This will just make your feline friend feel threatened, which can make matters worse. Just ignore your kitty until she’s cooled off.

Never Force Attention

Kitties are small, and they often feel threatened by being held or picked up unexpectedly. Don’t force attention on your feline pal!

Let Fluffy Be Fluffy

At the end of the day, if your furry companion is safe and healthy, she may just be a natural grump. Fluffy may not be as cuddly as other pets, but that’s fine. Just let her be herself. You never know. Your kitty may surprise you by snuggling up to you when you least expect it! As your Columbia, MD animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering top-notch care. We’re here to help!

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