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If Pets Had Thumbs

March 1, 2022
There’s a pretty fun pet holiday coming up. March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! As you may know, opposable thumbs are often credited with the overall success of the human race. They allow us to hold tools and weapons, manipulate things, and hold objects securely. What do you think would happen if Fido and Fluffy grew thumbs? A local Columbia, MD vet lists some pawsible options below.

Grab A Back Scratcher

It’s always cute seeing how much pets enjoy getting their backs or ears scratched. We suspect both Fluffy and Fido would try using all sorts of tools and utensils to finally reach those stubborn itchy spots.

Open All The Food

Our four-legged friends take their meals very seriously. They’re also quite fond of treats and tidbits. Coming home to find every can in your house open would probably be par for the course.


Your canine buddy would probably at least try to master the grill. As for Fluffy, we suspect our feline pals would be more inclined to ordering themselves expensive seafood dinners through GrubHub or Uber eats.

Video Games

Dogs and cats both have a strong prey drive, and love chasing things. However, we’re pretty sure that they would see video games as the best of both worlds. They could both run after things and relax on the couch.


Fluffy would probably opt out of this one, seeing as she isn’t very fond of travel. Fido, however, would be more than happy to grab your keys, go pick up a few of his buddies, and head off on some doggy adventures.

Online Shopping

It’s probably a good thing pets don’t have thumbs, because many of you would be in serious financial trouble if your furry friends could order things online. You’d probably come home to find your porch overflowing with things from Amazon, Chewy, and some random hot sauce company.

Cancel Appointments

Fluffy and Fido both look and feel better with good care, but they don’t always see it that way. If our patients grew opposable thumbs, we’d probably notice our schedules suddenly clearing. What would they do instead? Fluffy would probably visit an aviary or aquarium, and treat herself to ‘lunch’. Fido would likely opt for a trip to the park. Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Columbia, MD animal clinic, today!

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