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Helping A Timid Dog Thrive

February 1, 2022
Our canine companions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They also all have their own unique personalities! Some are fearless and friendly, some are playful, and some are, well, a bit shy. If your pooch falls into that latter category, read on! A Columbia, MD vet discusses helping a nervous dog thrive below.


Making sure that Fido feels safe and comfortable in his environment is very important. Soft beds will go a long way here. Proper veterinary care and good grooming will help keep your furry pal looking and feeling comfortable and healthy.


Treats can be a huge help when bonding with dogs. Giving your pooch yummy snacks builds trust, and helps him form a ‘pawsitive’ association with you. Offer small tidbits, so you don’t overfeed your furry friend.


Some dogs feel safest in crates. Of course, that only applies to pups that see their crates as comfy, cozy dens. Try keeping the door open, so Fido can come and go as he pleases.


Many of our furry companions feel safest when they’re on a set schedule for walks, meals, and playtime. Try to feed, walk, and play with Fido at roughly the same time each day.


Speaking of playing, this can be a great way for your canine pal to unleash any doggy angst he feels. Provide your pup with lots of fun toys, and take time to play with him daily.


Fido may not understand what you tell him, but he will respond to your voice. Talk to him in a friendly, gentle tone.

Positive Reinforcement

Never yell at or punish Fido for doing something wrong. Focus on rewarding good behavior instead.


Mastering new commands can be a huge confidence booster for dogs. Work with Fido every day, even if just for a few minutes. Be sure to pet, praise, and reward him for being a good boy!


Our canine buddies don’t only learn about the world through humans: they also pick a lot up from each other. Invite a few friends with calm, friendly, well-behaved pups over for a playdate, or meet at a park or trail. Seeing other pups happily interacting with their owners and each other may do Fido a world of good! As your Columbia, MD animal clinic, we’re here to help! Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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