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8 Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy

February 1, 2021
February is Cat Health Month! Of course, keeping Fluffy in good health is important all year. However, this is a great time to focus on what kitties really need to stay happy and healthy. Our feline pals are easy keepers, but they aren’t quite as invulnerable as they think. Read on as an Ellicott City, MD vet lists some ways for you to keep your furball healthy.


Cats have a rather remarkable ability to get themselves into mischief. Remove or secure potential dangers. This includes things like plastic bags, chemicals, wires and cords, toxic plants, and anything small or sharp.

Offer Good Food

Do you remember that old saying about how you are what you eat? This applies to cats, too! Make sure Fluffy is getting good, high-quality kitty food. Ask your vet for more information.

Keep Her In

Kitties are quite adventurous little furballs, but they’re much better off staying inside. Fluffy is very susceptible to illness and injury! Keep your feline friend safe and sound indoors, where she’s safe from things like cars, weather, wild animals, and chemicals.

Clean The Litterbox

Dirty litterboxes don’t just look and smell gross; they’re also havens for bacteria. We recommend scooping daily and changing the litter weekly.

Activity And Stimulation

Cats are very, very tired. However, Fluffy can’t sleep all day. Your pet will need ways to amuse herself when she is actually awake. Providing Fluffy with toys and taking time to play with her are both very important to her mental and emotional well-being. Playing is also great for pets physically. Your feline buddy will also appreciate having things to investigate. Give her some kitty tents or tunnels, as well as a cat tower with a good view.

Preventative Care

Regular checkups, screenings, and panels greatly increase the odds of developing issues being caught early. Make sure Fluffy sees her doctor regularly! 

Parasite Control

Exams are crucial, but in between Fluffy’s visits, it’s important to keep up with her parasite control. This will protect your furry pal from fleas, ticks, and worms.


Fluffy’s emotional health is also very important. Stress and anxiety can take a huge physical toll on kitties! Pay lots of attention to Fluffy, and make sure she knows she is loved and safe. As your Ellicott City, MD veterinary clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Contact us anytime!

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