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Tips For Playing With Your Cat

March 1, 2023
Does your kitty sometimes wake you up by batting her toy around in the middle of the night? Does Fluffy go full lioness when she spots a bottlecap on the floor? Our feline friends are very playful! This is great for us, as we get ongoing live entertainment. Playing is also great for our pets. An Ellicott City, MD vet offers some advice on playing with your cat in this article. Make It Routine Kitties are very much creatures of habit. If possible, try to play with Fluffy every night. You don’t really have to go out of your way here: just keep a laser pointer or wand toy near your favorite lounging spot, and incorporate it into your TV-watching time. Create A Challenge Although it’s important for cats to have toys they can use by themselves, many kitties prefer interactive play. Everything is better with friends! Your feline buddy will find her ‘hunting’ sessions more fun and more challenging if she can’t anticipate what her prey will do next. Let your furry little friend catch that mouse or feather toy sometimes. (Fluffy will never catch that elusive red dot, of course, but she hasn’t given up yet.) Don’t Play Favorites Do you have more than one kitty? Dual sessions can help Fluffy and Mittens form strong bonds with each other. Just be sure to divide your attention equally between your furry pals. Cats get very jealous of each other! Know The Benefits Playful cats are always adorable … not to mention hilarious to watch. However, that isn’t the only reason to grab that laser pointer. Running, jumping, and pouncing are great exercise, which is very important for Fluffy’s physical health. Chasing that catnip mouse also provides your furry pal with beneficial mental stimulation. That will become extremely important as your cat grows older, and may even help ward off cognitive decline. Change It Up Our feline pals all have their own purrsonal preferences when it comes to toys and play methods. One kitty may love chasing that red dot, while another may prefer to pounce on a feather toy. (Some furballs prefer batting bottlecaps around the kitchen, but that’s besides the point.) Mix things up regularly, and pay attention to what Fluffy likes best. As your local Ellicott City, MD pet hospital, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch veterinary care. Please contact us anytime!  

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