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Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Dog

October 1, 2021
October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! This is one cause that we are more than happy to support. While we love seeing any pooch getting adopted, shelter pets really need some extra TLC. Dogs end up in shelters for many reasons, most of which boil down to simple bad luck. Read on as a local Ellicott City, MD vet lists some great reasons to get Fido from a shelter.

Find The Perfect Pup

Shelters have dogs of all sorts of shapes, sizes, breeds, and colors. If you want a certain type of dog, you’ve got a good chance of finding exactly what you’re looking for in a shelter. You’ll also be able to choose a pet that fits your lifestyle and needs. For instance, one family may need a cat-friendly pup, while another may want an active, athletic pooch that will be an only pet.

Meet And Greet

If you go through a local shelter, you’ll be able to meet Fido before deciding. This is very helpful if you already have a dog. It’s always a good idea to introduce Fido and Spot before the adoption, to make sure they’ll get along.


Adopting a shelter dog is pretty easy on your bank account. It’s definitely a lot cheaper than going through a breeder! Plus, Fido will probably already be spayed or neutered, and caught up on his vaccines and parasite control.


This one isn’t guaranteed: sometimes shelters know little or nothing about their furry wards. However, that isn’t always the case. You may be able to learn quite a bit about your canine companion. It never hurts to ask!

Help Other Pooches

When you go through a shelter, you’re also promoting good animal welfare. Fido’s adoption fees will help the shelter provide food and care for other homeless pets. Plus, the space he leaves open will then be available for another cute pup in need of a forever home.


We strongly believe that all dogs deserve not only loving homes, but a second chance at happiness. You may find that rescuing your canine friend is a very beautiful and profound experience. Shelter dogs often see their humans as saviors, and are extremely loving and loyal to them. Please contact us for all of your pup’s veterinary care needs. As your local Ellicott City, MD animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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