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Autumn Dog Care Tips

November 1, 2020
Autumn is officially upon us. As the seasons change, many people are getting ready for colder weather. Don’t forget about Fido! Read on as an Ellicott City, MD vet lists some great fall dog care tips. 

Check The Menu

If your canine pal is a working dog, a nursing mama, or just spends a lot of time outdoors, he may need larger serving sizes. Ask your vet for recommendations. 

Fashion Show

Dogs with double coats, like huskies, love to romp and play in the snow, but pups with thin fur get chilled easily, and may need some extra protection. Go through Fido’s wardrobe, and make sure everything is in good condition and still fits. 

De-Icing Products

Dogs’ paw pads are quite sensitive. Fido can get painful burns and abrasions from snow, salt, sand, ice, and chemical de-icing agents. Stock up on pet-friendly de-icing agents. 


Fido will likely spend many of those cold, dreary winter days snuggled up in his doggy bed, dreaming of bacon. Make sure he has a comfy one. This is one thing you may want to splurge a bit on. Orthopedic beds are great for older dogs and large breeds, while pooches with thin coats may enjoy heated beds or thermal blankets.

Be Wary Of Critters

Many wild animals will be looking for places to hibernate for the winter. The larger ones may be more grumpy and aggressive than usual, while the little ones may try to bunk with you. Don’t let Fido sniff around in undeveloped areas where other animals may be lurking. If you need to evict mice, rats, or other vermin, be careful not to let him come into contact with toxic chemicals, like pesticides.


Several late-blooming plants, such as chrysanthemums, are toxic to pets. Also, be careful with leaf piles. We know, it’s adorable when dogs jump in them. However, leaves that have been sitting may harbor dust or mold. There could also be snakes or other critters nestled beneath them. 

Long Walks

This is a perfect time of year for walking your dog. Grab a cup of coffee, a comfy sweater, and your canine buddy, and head for a pretty park or trail. Taking in some of that gorgeous autumn foliage with Fido a great way to enjoy a crisp fall afternoon!  Please contact us, your Ellicott City, MD vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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