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Animal Cams And Sites To Visit During Quarantine

April 7, 2020
Animals Cams And Sites To Visit During Quarantine Are you stuck at home? We don’t have to tell you that watching the news isn’t very relaxing right now. One of the best things you can do during this quarantine is take care of your mental health. Watching, interacting, and learning about animals is a great way to do that. And, if you’ve been thrust into the hot seat when it comes to homeschooling, animals are a great, soothing topic to spend time on. A local vet lists a few resources you can find online. Puppy And Kitten Overload No matter how crazy things get, puppies and kittens can always make us smile. If you find watching adorable animals soothing, you’re in luck. Animal Planet has started having “Too Cute” marathons, which is something we all need right now. Or, just watch some cute movies. This is also a great way to entertain your kids. Pets On Instagram Instagram is full of adorable pet accounts. Keep up with Azuki, the celebrity hedgehog. Or, visit Doug The Pug. And then, if you really need a laugh, check out Ikiru, an adorably odd looking kitty known as the ‘king of blep.’ If you have kids, have them draw their favorite photos! Coloring Books Coloring can actually be quite soothing. The National Aquarium has several animal-related coloring templates. You can find more on coloring.com. National Geographic also has animal coloring books you can download. There are several others online! Aquariums/Cams Many zoos and aquariums are offering virtual tours or hosting cam streams. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has several great cams, including a jellyfish cam, sea otter cam, and an aviary cam. The Dallas World Aquarium has a manatee cam and shark cam running live. If you’re partial to penguins, you can visit the KC Zoo penguin cam, the action at the Ripley’s Aquarium, or the crew at the San Diego Zoo. You may also have heard that the Chicago Zoo decided to let its penguins (and at least one porcupine) explore during the closure. You can follow their adventures on Twitter. (Yes, it’s as adorable as it sounds.) Explore! Explore.org is another great site for learning. They even offer educator resources, such as lesson plans, to help your kids learn about animals and ecosystems. Sites like Discovery are also great. Or, visit the Kids Education Youtube channel. They have a great kids’ series of animal videos! Or, visit a virtual marine biology camp. As your vet clinic, please contact us if there is anything we can do to help. We’ll get through this!  

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