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Fido’s Fitness Regimen

March 1, 2020
Is your dog playful and energetic? Or is Fido more interested in chasing Z’s than in chasing squirrels? Regardless of what end of the spectrum your canine buddy falls into, he will need suitable exercise to stay healthy. Read on as a local Columbia, MD vet offers tips on keeping your pup active.

Check With Your Vet

All of our canine friends have their own unique exercise needs. Some pooches need up to an hour of vigorous activity every day. Others only require a short walk. Your furry friend’s breed, size, weight, health, and lifestyle will all factor in when determining what sort of workout schedule he needs. Brachycephalic pups, for instance, should not be encouraged to run or swim, as they lose their breath so easily. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Walks are a great way to keep your furry best friend in shape. Fido will get bored going the same route every day, so change things up a bit, and explore parks or trails with him sometimes. This will be good for you, too! In fact, studies have shown that people with dogs tend to be slimmer than those without pups. We suspect all those walks have something to do with that!

Vigorous Activity

Man’s Best Friend can make a great hiking or running buddy. Just make sure your vet gives you the all-clear first. You’ll also need to work up your dog’s endurance slowly. If you want Fido to jog with you, start by alternating walking and running. Take care not to overexert your pup. If your furry friend is lagging behind and/or panting heavily, stop and give him a water break, then head for home.


A fun game of Fetch or Catch The Red Dot will definitely help Fido burn some calories. Try to make it a habit to play with your canine companion every day. This will also keep that cute tail going!


Swimming is also a wonderful way for Fido to stay fit. Because the water supports his weight, he can get a great doggy workout without straining his bones and joints. Just be sure to put your furry buddy’s safety first. Don’t let your pooch go too deep, and never leave him unsupervised near water. Please contact us, your local Columbia, MD vet clinic, for all of your pup’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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