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Hug Your Cat Day

June 1, 2019
There’s a very special kitty holiday coming up. Hug Your Cat Day is June 4th! Cats are great huggers, and many of them really enjoy getting hugged and petted! The unconditional love and endless cuddles our feline friends offer us are truly beautiful gifts, which deserve to be celebrated. We encourage all of you who have cats to show your furry companions some extra TLC on this special occasion. A Columbia, MD vet discusses hugging Fluffy in this article.

Fluffy’s Special Powers

If you were to ask your feline pal about her top talents, she’d probably put mousing, sleeping, supervising her humans, and being adorable at the top of the list. This wouldn’t be wrong, but kitties also excel at being snuggle buddies. A purring cat can be very comforting, especially when you are sick, stressed, or just having a bad day. Hugging kitties can also help people who are dealing with anxiety, depression, illness, and PTSD. In fact, Fluffy is so good at comforting people that she now works part time as a therapy cat.

The Rules

Kitties are absolutely adorable, and it can be hard to resist hugging them. However, you never want to force attention on a cat. This is a grave offense in Fluffy’s book! Always let your furry pal decide when snuggle time starts and ends. If your pet struggles to get down, gently put her on the floor or on the nearest bed or sofa. Never just drop your cat. That is both unpleasant and a bit scary for kitties!

Fluffy’s Hug Alternatives

Not all of our feline friends enjoy hugs. This doesn’t mean your furball doesn’t love you! Some kitties just prefer to be admired from a distance. Your furry buddy may show her attention in other ways, such as rolling over for a belly rub, blinking slowly, following you around, meowing at you, rubbing against your leg, or, in some cases, biting you. These are just a few of the adorable ways cats show affection and fill our lives with love. To make an aloof kitty feel loved, talk to her gently, play with her, and offer her toys and treats. This will get that little motor going! Please feel free to contact us, your local Columbia, MD vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are dedicated to keeping cats happy, healthy, and purring.

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