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7 Early Signs of Arthritis In Dogs

November 1, 2018
Did you know that as many as 30 percent of adult dogs are afflicted with arthritis? This painful condition can sometimes be caused just by aging, but it can also be a result of injury or illness. Obesity can also be a factor, as can activity. Although arthritis cannot be cured, there are now many wonderful options for treating it and helping pets feel better. However, it’s important to address the issue early on. The sooner a problem is diagnosed and treated, the better! Read on as a local Ellicott City, MD vet lists some early signs of arthritis in dogs.


Limping is one of the most common signs of arthritis. At first, your four-legged friend may only limp for a moment or two, usually when he first gets up. The limp may go away as your canine buddy gets ‘warmed up,’ at least at first. As the condition progresses, it will get more pronounced.

Lack of Interest In Play

Puppies are very playful, to say the least. Although Fido will slow down as he ages, he should still have his frisky moments. However, if your pet’s favorite toys are gathering dust, arthritis could be to blame.


Fido may also express his pain by vocalizing more. He may yelp if you touch a sore spot or accidentally bump into him. Uncharacteristic whining and barking are also red flags.


It isn’t uncommon for people to withdraw and isolate themselves when they don’t feel well. Dogs are the same way. If your normally-friendly pooch is spending more and more time by himself, he could be developing arthritis.

Reduced Mobility

Fido may have a hard time getting up or laying down. He may also have trouble climbing stairs and/or getting in and out of cars.


Dogs often nibble at sore spots. If you notice your furry pal frequently nibbling or licking at a specific area, particularly his legs, paws, or the base of his tail, he may be developing arthritis in that spot.


Being in pain doesn’t do much for anyone’s mood. Fido is no exception. Your canine friend may be unusually cranky, particularly when the weather changes. He may also shy away if you try to touch a sore area. Do you know or suspect that your pet has arthritis? Contact us, your local Ellicott City, MD vet clinic, today!

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