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Cute Ways to Spoil Your Cat on International Cat Day

August 1, 2018
International Cat Day is coming up August 8th. Our feline friends are wonderful pets! Fluffy may be small, but she can take up a lot of space in our hearts. In this article, a Columbia, MD vet offers tips on how to pamper your cat.

Kitty Garden

Set out some pet-safe plants for Fluffy to nibble on and hide behind. Check the ASPCA website for a full list of options.


Fluffy always enjoys having things she doesn’t have to share with her humans. Cat towers are great, and are a perfect way to spoil your pet. Your feline overlord will also accept kitty tents, tipis, scratching posts, and window seats. If you’re on a tight budget, look online for DIY ideas. You may be surprised at how many things you can find!


Canned tuna, salmon, or chicken in water are great treats for kitties. Store-bought treats are also fine. Fluffy may also enjoy some deli meat or cat milk, which you can find in pet stores.

Vertical Space

Kitties often like high places. After all, they really don’t have much of a view from ground level! Make your feline pal a catwalk, or get her some wall-mounted furniture, so she can relax and supervise her kingdom.


Playing provides Fluffy with entertainment, mental stimulation, and exercise, which are all important to her health and well-being. Buy or make your furry friend some fun playthings. Catnip mice are great, but you can also offer Fluffy robotic mice, automated laser pointers, or mechanical ‘swimming’ fish.

Catnip Bubbles

One great thing about cats is that they are absolutely hilarious to watch. If your furball likes catnip, try giving her some catnip bubbles. This may be just as fun for you as it is for Fluffy!


One surefire way to spoil your furry buddy is to set out extra beds and napping spots for her. Store-bought beds are fine, but you can also just fold up soft blankets and put them in a wicker basket or armchair. Comfy cats are happy cats!


Spend some quality time with Fluffy on her special day. This will be good for you too! Kitties have a special way of putting smiles on our faces. Is your pet due for veterinary care? Call us! As your Columbia, MD pet clinic, we’re here to help!

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