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Bathing Your Cat

June 1, 2017
Do you have a kitty? One of the many things to love about cats is the fact that they are very clean pets. Fluffy will carefully groom herself every day, making sure her pretty fur stays soft and shiny. However, some people do like to bathe their cats. There’s nothing wrong with bathing your feline friend, as long as your vet doesn’t object. There are some things to keep in mind, however. Read on as your Columbia, MD vet offers some tips on how to bathe your cat.

Getting Ready

Before you bring Fluffy into the bathroom, you may want to put a rubber mat down in the tub, so she doesn’t scratch it. We also recommend giving your cat a good brushing, to remove dead fur and dander from her coat. Worried about getting scratched? It isn’t a bad idea to clip your kitty’s claws before her beauty session. And while full body armor is completely optional, we do recommend wearing long sleeves and thick jeans.

Bathing Fluffy

Always use warm, not hot, water, to bathe your feline pal. Fill the tub or sink with a few inches of water. Then, gently place your cat in the water, and lather her up. Use only products made for pets: shampoos for people are too harsh for Fluffy! Be careful not to get soap in your cat’s eyes or ears. In fact, it’s best to just use a washcloth on that adorable furry face. When you’re done, use a pitcher or hose attachment to rinse your kitty off.


Once your feline buddy is clean, wrap her in a towel and gently pat her dry to get the water out of her coat. If you have a furry little diva for a pet, Fluffy may not mind being blow dried. Just be sure to use a low heat setting. However, if your furball is afraid of the blow-dryer, don’t force her to submit to it: just pat her dry with a towel and let her go. Chances are, your kitty will immediately retreat to her favorite spot and start grooming herself to get her fur back in order. Make sure to give her a special treat or a new toy to reactivate the purr. Please contact us, your Columbia, MD animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your kitty’s health or care. We’re always here to help!

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