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Tips for Training Your Dog

March 1, 2017
Does your dog know basic doggy obedience commands? If so, that’s great! Proper training is very important for our canine buddies! Read on as a local Ellicott City, MD vet discusses Fido’s training regimen.

Start Simple

Trying to teach Fido too many things at once could confuse him. Teach your adorable student one command at a time, and make sure he has each one mastered before moving on to something different.

First Things First

Start out with basic doggy obedience commands. The most important ones are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Leave It can also be useful: after all, you really don’t want Fido picking up everything he comes across on the ground. Make sure your canine friend knows these before you move on to cute tricks.

Class Furriculum

Dogs don’t have very long attention spans, except perhaps when it comes to bacon. Long, drawn-out classes may bore your furry pupil. Keep sessions short and sweet, about 15-20 minutes at a time.

Pawsitive Thoughts

Keep training sessions positive and fun for your pet. Never punish or reprimand Fido for not picking things up quickly enough. Instead, use rewards to motivate him. Treats are a wonderful training tool! Use small snacks, though: if your four-legged pal gets too full, he’ll be more interested in napping than in finishing his class!

Tail Wags

Don’t work with your canine companion when you are feeling grumpy or down. Dogs are masters at reading their human buddies. Fido could pick up your bad mood and think it’s associated with school. This could cause him to become wary of his training sessions. You definitely don’t want that!

What’s In A Name?

Here’s a tip: only call your furry pal by name in a positive way. If you are trying to teach Fido not to get on the couch, don’t use his name when you are telling him to get off the sofa. This can help your pup build self-confidence.

Professional Help

Training isn’t just about petiquette: it’s also crucial for safety reasons. If you aren’t having much luck teaching Fido basic commands, you may want to get professional help. The time and expense will be well worth it: you will enjoy your canine pal’s good behavior for years to come! Do you have questions about dog training? We can help! Contact us, your Ellicott City, MD animal clinic, anytime!

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