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5 Reasons to Consider Adopting a Senior Pet

November 1, 2016
Can you believe it’s already November? This month may be commonly associated with autumn, football, and elections, but it’s also a special time for our furry friends: it’s Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Older animals are super cute, and make wonderful animal companions. Unfortunately, these lovable dogs and cats often have a very hard time getting adopted. Here, an Ellicott City, MD vet lists some great reasons to consider adopting a senior pet.

They’re Super Sweet

Senior pets have often outgrown a lot of behavioral issues, such as digging and chewing. Really, these adorable dogs and cats just want someone to love them, pet them, and scratch their ears. You may find that you really enjoy the sweet, calm demeanor of an older pet. These friendly, affectionate furballs really do have a way of melting hearts, in part because they are just so lovable!

Love And Loyalty

Fido and Fluffy seem to know when someone has helped them. Being in a shelter can be very scary, stressful, and traumatic, so it’s no wonder that our furry friends tend to completely adore their rescuers. Senior kitty purrs and tail wags from older dogs are both super cute, and are among the best things in life!

Save A Life

Older pets face very bleak odds when it comes to getting adopted, simply because so many people want puppies or kittens. We know, younger furballs are pretty hard to resist, but dogs and cats in their golden years are just as charming!

Lower Activity Needs

As Fido and Fluffy enter their golden years, they tend to slow down, and often become more interested in napping than in chasing squirrels or running after their favorite toys. A sweet, friendly dog or cat that just wants to cuddle is a great choice for anyone who isn’t quite up to keeping up with a furry bundle of mischief.

Prior Training

Another great benefit of adopting an older animal is that many of these charming furballs have been pets before, and already know what being a good pet entails. Adopting a dog that is already housebroken is much easier than potty-training a puppy! As for Fluffy, she’ll most likely already be litterbox trained, and an absolute expert napper. Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Ellicott City, MD animal clinic, anytime!

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