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7 Great Ways to Help Fido Beat the Heat

August 1, 2016
Summer is officially here! While many of us enjoy the warm weather, the heat can be tough on our canine friends. We are here to help! Read on as a Columbia, MD vet lists some ways to keep Fido cool, and keep that cute tail wagging.

Splash Around

Why not get Fido his own kiddie pool? Add some fun toys for your pup to play with. Or, pick up a pet sprinkler for your furry friend.

Frozen Treats

Frozen treats are a classic way to beat the heat. Making your furry friend some cool treats is a wonderful way to keep him cool and happy. Mix frozen yogurt with peanut butter or pureed pumpkin to form a base for doggy ice cream, then add bacon bits or chopped up doggy treats. You can also make pupsicles by pouring sodium-free broth into paper cups, adding doggy chew sticks, and then freezing them. Look online for more great options. Just be sure to use only pet-safe ingredients.


Look for a local dog-friendly café, and bring Fido out for special treat, such as doggy ice cream or a special gourmet dog biscuit.


Make sure your pooch has plenty of water! Get Fido an automated water dish, or a pet fountain. Drop some ice cubes into your pet’s water on really hot days.


Summer is a great time to visit a doggy park! Just be sure to put your pet’s safety first. Fido should be current on vaccines and parasite control, microchipped, and wearing proper ID tags


Taking a dip is a great way to cool off on a sweltering day. Just be sure to put Fido’s safety first. If he can’t swim, take time to teach him: get into the water with your pup, and support his weight until he gets the hang of it. If you take your four-legged buddy to a pool, immediately show him where the stairs are, so he can get out again if he falls in. Ask your vet for more advice.

Hammock Bed

Raised beds are cooler than regular beds, as they allow air to move beneath them. Buy or make Fido a comfy hammock, so he can sprawl out and snooze to his heart’s delight. Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Columbia, MD animal clinic, anytime!

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