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Choosing a Dogsitter

April 1, 2016
Dogs are wonderful friends and companions. Fido can brighten up the darkest day with his playful antics and adorable tail wags. It can be hard to leave our canine friends behind when we go out of town or on vacation, but our furry pals can’t go everywhere with us. If you’re going away, you can board your pet, or you can also choose to hire a dogsitter. There are some advantages to getting a dogsitter: Fido will be able to stay in his own home, which may be more comfortable for him. It may also be cheaper. Choosing the right person to take care of your beloved pet can be difficult, however. Read on as a local Ellicott City, MD veterinarian offers tips on picking the right dogsitter.

Ask Around

See if you can get a personal recommendation from a coworker, or a friend or family member. If someone you know gives your potential dogsitter a glowing review, that’s definitely a good sign!

Get References

Make sure to ask for references, and don’t be afraid to follow up on them. If you’re going through a professional service, check reviews. Ask to speak to your dogsitter’s other clients, if possible.


Your dogsitter should be insured and bonded. Training in dog behavior isn’t necessarily a must, but it is very helpful.

Meet N’ Greet

Schedule an interview with your candidate, and bring Fido along. If your pet seems uneasy, you may want to continue your search. Dogs are very astute!

Trial Run

Start out with a trial run: spend the night at a friend’s, and have your dogsitter stop by to check on your canine buddy. This will give you a chance to see how things go on this test run, before you leave for a longer period of time.

Backup Plans

Ask your dogsitter about backup plans. Does she have someone who can step in if something were to happen to her?


Make sure that you and your dogsitter are on the same page as far as when and how you should be contacted. You may want to get a text and a photo every time your petsitter goes to your home, or you may only want to be contacted in emergencies. Please contact us, your local Ellicott City, MD veterinary hospital, anytime. We are dedicated to providing our furry clients with the very best veterinary care around.

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