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Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Cats

January 1, 2016
Happy New Year! As we leave 2015 behind and start out 2016, many of us are taking a bit of time to revisit our personal goals and perhaps set some new resolutions. Your feline friend will be right there with you through the new year. Have you ever wondered what goals kitties would set for themselves if they could make resolutions? We have a few ideas for what Fluffy’s resolutions may look like. In this article from a local Columbia, MD vet, you’ll read about the top five possible resolutions for cats.

Sleep More

We don’t think Fluffy will have too much trouble achieving this goal. Our feline friends certainly do like their beauty rest! In fact, cats sleep more than any other mammal, with some of them spending up to 20 hours a day snoozing.

Voice My Opinion

Kitties can be quite opinionated little furballs! Some cats meow back when spoken to, while others mostly vocalize when they want dinner or want to let you know they just lost another catnip mouse under the couch. Even quiet kitties have a way of making their wishes known!

Catch That Red Dot

Does your kitty like to chase that red dot from a laser pointer? Fluffy just can’t seem to figure out this elusive prey. Capturing that pesky red dot could very well make her list of resolutions!

Look My Best

Cats take their beauty routines quite seriously! Kitties can spend as much of a third of their waking time grooming themselves and making sure that pretty fur looks soft and clean.

Get Lots Of Cuddles

Cats are almost irresistibly cute, so we often can’t help but oblige Fluffy’s requests for snuggles. Of course, not all kitties are super-cuddly, but even aloof furballs often show affection by following you around or meowing at you. These are just a few ideas for resolutions we may see from kitties. Playing more, gaining complete control over humans, undermining the dog, complete world domination, finding new napping spots, and leaving fur only on dark clothes are also possibilities. No matter what Fluffy hopes to achieve, we know she’ll put lots of smiles on your face in the process! Please contact us, your local Columbia, MD animal hospital, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We look forward to providing your pet with excellent care in 2016 and beyond.

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