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Has Your Cat Gone on a Hunger Strike?

June 1, 2015
Your gray tabby Murray is the most ravenous cat you’ve ever seen. This four-year-old feline eagerly waits for each feeding, and he scarfs down his kibbles with impressive speed. Recently, however, your healthy-eating cat has just fidgeted with his meals, consuming a few bites before leaving the room. You’re concerned about poor nutrition, and worried about a developing medical condition. Tomorrow, your Ellicott City veterinarian will give Murray a physical exam, plus expert nutritional and behavioral counseling.

Poor Ambience

Murray’s not impressed by imported china and sterling silver flatware. He’d much rather have a pleasant, quiet place in which to consume his food. Unfortunately, you’ve placed his feeding station in your hectic kitchen, where your family gathers to dine and chat. Your poor frazzled cat can’t focus on his meals. Since he’s on a strict feeding schedule, perhaps his human companions can switch their mealtimes so he can get some peace.

Distasteful Menu

Next, what’s for dinner? If your cat has consumed the same dry kibbles for awhile, he likely objects to the limited menu. Or, maybe your home’s air contains excess humidity, giving the crunchy food a cardboard-like texture and taste. Perhaps Murray prefers wet food. If you conveniently store the cans in the fridge, you’re spooning cold, wet mush into your cat’s bowl. He simply refuses to eat it. Make the contents more enticing by heating them slightly. However, don’t burn your feline companion’s delicate mouth.

Other Detractors

You won’t eat from a dirty plate, and your cat has equally high standards. He won’t consume meals from an unwashed bowl that could harbor a growing bacteria colony. By washing his food and water containers daily, you’ll prevent this digestive system hazard. Maybe Murray suffers from an uncomfortable dental condition. Eating just makes his pain worse. After your vet diagnoses and treats your cat’s problem, he should begin to enjoy his food again.

Creative Solution

Try a completely different tactic. Buy a top-quality cat food; however, respect your companion’s dry or wet preference. Avoid human leftovers, as they won’t agree with his system. Eventually, your cat should relent and consume his high-end blend. If Murray goes an entire day without eating, ask your Ellicott City veterinarian to examine him for a medical problem or food allergy. If your cat has been refusing his food, contact us for expert advice.  

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